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how I became a “Cool Cousin” of Melbourne

Photographed by Roberta at Chuckle Park (bar) *This post was originally published on my previous blog, Kaleidoscope of Fashion How I became a virtual travel guide in Melbourne I’m one of those Melbournians who are super proud of our beautiful city. Even though we were recently knocked off our mantel of being the “most liveable city in the world“,Continue reading “how I became a “Cool Cousin” of Melbourne”

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Isabel Allende


Hello there and welcome to the Kaleidoscope of Style!

I am a classic night-owl, working in management consulting by day. I started blogging about fashion photography in my university days under ‘Kaleidoscope of Fashion’, and my blog has evolved with me over the years.

These days, I love to write about life, law, fashion and current events.

Hope you enjoy your time here.

xo A